Boris Andrianov

Artistic director VIVARTE Festival

I love chamber music. It is the best, the finest. And this beautiful music should be played with superb musicians at a grand venue. The State Tretyakov Gallery has become for us just such a venue - the house where Beauty lives, where since the times of old different arts have united, where the creative atmosphere itself is galvanizing, enriching, and inspiring.

The idea of a music festival at a museum is no news, of course. But still we hope that at our event everyone will be able to discover something new, perhaps something unexpected and certainly remarkable. Each festival day will carry an intrigue that has to do with art masterpieces from the Tretyakov Gallery repository. All these paintings are great works by great masters, and they will help create a special mood in harmony with the concert program, a special atmosphere.

The participants of our festival are musicians of the highest level and extraordinary people but also just good friends, and meeting them brings me joy both on stage and behind the scenes. We are getting together for the sake of Beauty - in art, in music, in the museum's fine decor, and, last but not least, in fellow human beings and their environment. What we wish for is more Beauty around us.


U-ART: Ты и искусство

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