Boris Andrianov

Artistic director VIVARTE Festival

Hello and welcome to all guests and participants of the VI VIVARTE Festival!

There is little good in a pandemic, but it is the pandemic that has become the engine of progress in the field of online communications, and, to a large extent, this has affected the field of art. The VIVARTE festival was no exception: last year we held it online and recorded several beautiful videos that can be viewed on the OKKO platform. But witnessing living art, which happens here and now right before your very eyes, is certainly a one-of-a-time sight to behold! It is extremely important to us that we can get back to doing it.

As Joseph Brodsky said, it is better to leave memories on the retina. The magic of music only affects us fully when we witness it live, not through speakers. Therefore, our dear listeners, we are very happy to play it again for you. Turn off your phones, stop running and enjoy music from different sides of the stage!