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Alexey Choi
video art

Moscow media artist, stage designer, musician. Graduated from the Higher British School of Design (theater design). Specializes in staging musical events: scenography, stage video, stage lighting, interactive installations, live broadcast, etc. Participates in theatrical productions, exhibitions, gallery and free installations.

Worked with Inna Zhelanna, Petr Mamonov, Bravo, Melnitsa, Aigel, Noize MC, Megapolis, Tequilajazz, Polite Refusal, Iva Nova, 4'33'', Irina Bogushevskaya , Vladimir Presnyakov, Dmitry Khoronko, Dmitry Illarionov, Pavel Karmanov, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Sklyar, Vladimir Martynov, Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland), Trey Gan (USA), Markus Reuther (Germany), Rondane Kwartet (Netherlands), Ole Jorn Myklebust (Norway), Tigran Hamasyan (USA), the Sirin Ensemble of Sacred Music, the Youth Theater under the direction of Nonna Grishaeva, the BlackSKYWhite Theater and other artists, groups and venues.

He teaches at the RMA Business School (management in the music business and the entertainment industry; staging of musical events - the visual part; practical case "Staging of musical events").

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