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Brothers Ivanov

The creative alliance of Mikhail and Andrei Ivanov was formed in 1988: the musicians began performing as part of the Rostov-Trio jazz at the Rostov Philharmonic and soon won the 1st prize at the All-Russian Competition for Young Jazz Performers in Rostov-on-Don, and a year later - the Grand Prix of the European jazz competition in Brussels.

Mikhail Ivanov (b. 1962) - Honored Artist of Russia, pianist, music producer. Member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation, author of compositions and arrangements, including the symphonic poem "My Russian Heart". Choreographer Nikolai Androsov staged a ballet for the Moscow State Dance Ensemble Russian Seasons to the music of his play On the Seven Winds. Andrey Ivanov (b. 1964) - Honored Artist of Russia, jazz double bass player, composer, music producer. Author of various creative and production projects of the international production center of the Ivanov brothers.

The musicians toured Europe and North America, participated in the largest jazz festivals: in the Netherlands (North Sea Jazz), Canada (Montreal), Switzerland (Montreux), Belgium. Awarded with the Prize of the Government of Moscow in the field of literature and art, the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture (for the creation of the concert program "Symphojazz of the Ivanov brothers").

Collaborated with eminent soloists and groups, including Georgy Garanyan, Sergey Mazaev, Arkady Shilkloper, Denis Matsuev, Igor and Oleg Butman, Valery Ponomarev, David Goloshchekin, Frank Vaganet, Shenda Rull, Arly Leonard, Alexei Utkin, the ensemble of soloists "Hermitage", "Moscow Virtuosi", GSO "New Russia", the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and Yuri Simonov.

In 2014, the Ivanov brothers organized and headed the Center for the Development of Ethnic Music of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic. The authors of the idea and leaders of the international festival "Crossing Time", as well as the festival of world music "Epiphany Evenings". Participants of the festival "Russian Cultural Mission in Venice" (Italy, 2019) and the international festival "Black Eyes" (Italy, 2019), which hosted the premiere performances of Mikhail Ivanov's "Venetian Suite in Blues Tones".

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