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Boris Andrianov
artistic director of the VIVARTE festival

Greetings to all guests and participants of the VII VIVARTE Festival!

We sincerely believe in the all–conquering power of art, and therefore the VIVARTE-2022 festival should be! It is art and culture that is the undisputed, main pride of Russia, and today we remember Sergei Diaghilev, whose 150th birthday is celebrated this year, a great man who made the whole world pay attention to the new Russian art. His contribution to the development of musical theater cannot be overestimated. At the festival, we will remember the time when Diaghilev lived, the outstanding works that appeared thanks to Diaghilev, and plunge into the work of composers associated with Diaghilev. And may the harmony contained in these masterpieces bring a little kindness and love to the hearts of everyone and everyone who will be in these May days in the Vrubel Hall of the Tretyakov Gallery!

Boris Andrianov,

artistic director VIVARTE Festival

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