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Ensemble "Russian Renaissance" 

The ensemble includes Ivan Kuznetsov (balalaika) , Anastasia Zakharova (domra) , Ivan Vinogradov (double bass balalaika) and Alexander Tarasov (bayan) .


In 2016, the quartet won the 1st place at the 69th World Competition for bayan and accordion players "World Cup" in Rostov-on-Don (in the International Competition for Chamber Music - World Music category). In 2017, he won the 1st prize in the Senior Open category and the Grand Prix of the M-Prize International Competition in the USA, winning the world's largest award ($100,000) in the field of chamber music.

The ensemble's repertoire includes jazz standards, film music, avant-garde, works by contemporary composers, as well as French and Argentinean tango, crossover and fusion programs.

Each member of the team also conducts an active solo activity, performing with folk and symphony orchestras, as part of jazz groups. The musicians have repeatedly become laureates of all-Russian and international competitions.

In 2018, master classes and lectures were held by the Russian Renaissance Quartet for students of the University of Michigan (Anne Arbor, USA). Since January 2018, the quartet has been collaborating with leading US music agency Frank Salomon Associates.

The ensemble performed in the USA, Japan, European countries, in many cities in Russia, performing at such well-known venues as the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Gnessin Concert Hall of the Russian Academy of Music, YOTASPACE, Gradsky Hall, the ApARTe Theater, the Rostov Youth Theater -on-Don, the Yaroslavl Drama Theater named after Fyodor Volkov, the Kursk Theater named after A. S. Pushkin, etc. In May 2019, the quartet performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington and took part in a series of concerts by George Flynn in Clinton (Connecticut, USA) , will perform at the Karamur Arts Center in Cato (New York, USA) in July.

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