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Arkady Shilkloper
French horn

Born in 1956 in Moscow. Graduated from the Gnessin State Musical Pedagogical Institute (now the Russian Academy of Music) (class of Professor Alexander Ryabinin), studied in parallel at the Moscow Experimental Studio of Musical Improvisation (now the Moscow College of Improvised Music). In 1978–1985 worked in the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, in 1985–1989. - in the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic.

Since 1984, he has played in various jazz ensembles - in a duet with Mikhail Karetnikov, in the Tri O ensemble with Sergei Letov and Arkady Kirichenko, the Moscow Art Trio with Mikhail Alperin and Sergei Starostin, Pago Libre with John Wolf Brennan, Tsho Theissing and Georg Brainshmid , Vienna Art Orchestra, trio Mauve with Alegre Correa and Georg Breinschmied.

Since 1992, he began performing with solo programs and recording solo albums (Hornology, Pilatus, Zum Gipfel und zurück, "Portrait", etc.), in total, the musician's discography includes more than 50 CDs. In 2002, the trio's album Mauve, released by the Austrian company Quinton, won the prestigious European jazz award, the Hans Koller Prize, in the Best Album of the Year category.

Denis Matsuev, Daniil Kramer, Sergey Nakaryakov, Sergey Pron, Igor Ivanushkin, Vladimir Chekasin, Ivanov Brothers, Celiu di Carvalho, Edson da Silva, Ney Conceisau, Vladimir Volkov, Oleg Baltaga, Duffer Youssef and many others are also among the musician's stage partners. .

Since 1998 he has been playing the alpine horn. He gives concerts and gives master classes in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia and other countries; participates in festivals of academic and jazz music.

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