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Henrikke G. Rynning1.jpg
Henrikke Running
viola da gamba (Norway)

Henrikke Running was born in Stavanger in 1981. She studied cello at the Marie-Louise Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo with Bjorn Solum, baroque cello and viola da gamba at the Amsterdam Conservatory under the guidance of famous musicians and teachers - Jaap ter Linden, Viola da Hoog, Mineke van der Velden. She continued her postgraduate studies at the Higher School of Music of Catalonia in Barcelona, where she studied baroque cello and viola da braccio (“bass violin”) with Bruno Coxet, then improved her playing of the viola da gamba with Guido Balestracci at the Higher School of Music in Geneva.

Actively collaborates with the Stavanger Barokk and Paulus Barokk ensembles, is a member and founder of the Sopra il Basso ensemble. Plays cello and viola da gamba with the ensembles Les Basses Réunies (headed by Bruno Coxet), La Fenice (Jean Toubery), L'Arpeggiata (Christine Pluhar), Música Temprana (Adriaen van der Speul), Arte dei Suonatori, Les Goûts-réünis, Collegium Musicum Lausanne, Vox Luminis, Monaco Baroque Ensemble and Norwegian Baroque Orchestra (Gotfried von der Goltz).

She has sung continuo in concerts with the Cappella Mediterranea, Millennium Orchestra (Leonardo García Alarcón) and Barokkanerne ensembles, performing with Rolf Lislevand, Guido Balestracci and Emma Kirkby. Participated in the performances of the Norwegian National Opera: "Julius Caesar in Egypt" by G. F. Handel, "The Coronation of Poppea" and "The Return of Ulysses to his Homeland" by C. Monteverdi.

Participant of prestigious European early music festivals in Bruges (Belgium), Utrecht (Netherlands), Ambrone and Lourdes (France), Timisoara (Romania), Bach Festival in Lausanne (Switzerland), Seviqc Brežice in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Pavia Barocca in Pavia ( Italy), the St. Olaf Festival in Trondheim and the Chamber Music Festival in Oslo (Norway) and others.


The artist's repertoire also includes programs of Latin American music; she participated in the recording of the soundtrack for the Argentine film El desierto negro ("Black Desert"); acted as the main character of the short film The cellist by Norsk Tipping; She has repeatedly recorded music for television shows and radio programs.

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