Iveta Manasherova

President of the VIVARTE festival

Dear friends,

We are very glad that our VIVARTE festival is returning to its usual format and that we will all meet again in the Vrubel Hall of the Tretyakov Gallery. The live streams to which we had to limit ourselves at the last festival were wonderful, but it would be much better if they complemented the hall, filled with energy from musicians and the audience. And in the Vrubel Hall, additional energy is also provided by the paintings, which surround the audience and compliment the music.

The theme of the VI VIVARTE Festival is the 165th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery and meeting of collectors that have replenished its funds: from the Tretyakov brothers themselves, the Morozov brothers to Leonid Talochkin and Georgy Kostaki. It is especially important inform people about those collectors whose activities are not widely covered, and whose contribution to art is very significant, such as Isadzan Isadzhanov: few people know that many famous works in the Tretyakov Gallery are from his personal collection. And, despite the fact, that an exhibition dedicated to Kostaki was recently held in Moscow, and the halls of Kostaki and Talochkin were opened in the Tretyakov Gallery, we are convinced that the topic of collectors is far from exhausted and has not lost its relevance.

The musical program of VIVARTE-2021 is a real celebration of team play. We will be able to enjoy quintets, quartets and other ensembles, for the sake of which the bright charismatic world-renowned musicians will gather in this composition. We are especially pleased that, at such a difficult time, artists from Germany, Austria, and Hungary will be able to fly to the festival. We are highly anticipating the Diotima famous french quartet for the opening, and, for the closing, a truly unique violinist Gilles Apap. We sincerely thank the Embassy of France and the French Institute in Russia for support.  The festival program will be crowned by the traditional Musical Promenade, a series of public open-air concerts.

Special words of gratitude to our permanent partners, employees and management of the State Tretyakov Gallery, hand in hand with whom we have been able to conduct the festival for six years now.

We will be glad to meet you at the festival concerts!

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Iveta and Tamaz Manasherov,

Founders U-Art Foundation