Zelfira Tregulova

Director General

State Tretyakov Gallery

Dear friends,


last year, the Tretyakov Gallery together with the U-Art Foundation for the first time held the VIVARTE Chamber Music Festival. And although music has been a resident of our house for just as long as art, for us it was a bold and exhilarating step.

Even before the Gallery opened its doors for the first time, the mansion of Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov in Lavrushinsky Lane had been often filled with the sound of music thanks to his wife, Vera Nikolaevna. She used to hold musical evenings, entertaining at the Tretyakov house well-known culture figures and famous musicians. These functions had been attended by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Nikolai and Anton Rubinsteins, and visiting European artists.

Music has always been a genius loci of sorts at our museum: concerts have been held at the Tretyakov Gallery throughout its entire history. At the same time, today there is a need to establish new connections and new understanding between the music being played in our halls and the masterpieces of fine art. We aim to engage today's viewers and listeners in a dialogue and to enable them, through listening to music, to take a fresh look at our collection.

During the entire festival week, each night the audience will have a unique opportunity to view one of the masterpieces and listen to a musical dedication to it. On the Vrubel Hall stage, next to the performers, an artwork from our repository will be put on display, selected from those that are seldom available for viewing in the Gallery halls or at exhibitions. A short introduction from an art historian and the musicians before the start of the performance will give the audience some food for thought, challenging everyone to look and listen and then try make sense out of what they have seen and heard.

I hope the VIVARTE festival will become an annual event, which the fine art and classical music connoisseurs in Moscow, Russia, and even worldwide will await enthusiastically every year.