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Marina Katarzhanova

Marina Katarzhnova graduated from the Gnessin Moscow State Music School (Natalia Fichtenholz violin class, Lydia Fichtenholz Chamber Ensemble class), the Moscow Conservatory and the MGK assistant internship (teachers - Zarius Shikhmurzayeva, Nazar Kozhukhar, Sergey Kravchenko, Alexander Bakhchiev). Laureate of the All-Russian Competition named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov and the International Competition named after A. I. Yampolsky. Currently, he is an associate professor at the Moscow Conservatory, artistic director of the orchestra of the Faculty of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts. Teacher of the Baroque department of the Gnessin Moscow State Medical School.


Along with the modern and baroque violin, he plays the viola. Soloist of the ensemble "Studio of New Music", the Moscow Ensemble of contemporary Music. Concertmaster and one of the leaders of the board of "Persimfans". Collaborated with the collectives Pratum Integrum, Gnessin Baroque, "Academy of Ancient Music", BACH-Consort, Collegium Marianum, ERSO, Baltik Baroque, A la Russe, the Ensemble of ancient music MGK. Among the ensemble's partners are Alexey Lyubimov, Nazar Kozhukhar, Alexey Melnikov, Alexander Rudin, Elena Revich, Alexander Trostyansky, Dmitry Sinkovsky, Daniil Kramer and others. Has recordings on radio, TV and CD. She has repeatedly participated in the recording and creation of film music.

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