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Maria Lapshina

Maria Lapshina was born in 1998 in a family of actors. In 2019, she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater Studio School (Dmitry Brusnikin's course). He plays in the plays "Norma", "The Black Book of Esther", "Transsib", "Zarnitsa", "Shadows of the Great confuse me" in Brusnikin's Workshop, "The Reluctant Healer" in the Theater of Nations, "The Swing Flew" in the theater "Praktika", "Who lives well in Russia", "Baroque", "Red Cross", "Bukowski" in the "Gogol Center". Works in films and TV series: "Tear it off and throw it away", "You're here", "Gloomy River", "The Sky is measured in miles", "Six Two Eight", "Doctor Preobrazhensky", "About Love. Only for adults", "Event", "Ellipsis", "The case of "Dead Souls", "Children of the Arbat".

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